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So that we are clear.  I edit your audio and  add sfx, if requested, to your video, commercial or Podcast. Lets just say you have an audio track that there is a particular bird you only want in that track not the other things or birds heard around it. I can do that! Lets just say that an instrument or instruments in your stereo you want removed, decreased or increased or your bass kick drum tucked under your bass guitar. I can do that too by breaking down the stereo track into stems. I edit! That is what I do. I mix down your stems that is in your videos, commercials or Podcasts. That is what I do. I mix and master songs too.

I Remove:
•Squeek from guitars •Noises •Clicks •Pops •Over amped sounds

Kenneth Ward

High-Tech Quality

I do more than mixing and mastering; I also do audio editing. Using DiGiGrid audio interfaces, for mastering with Manley 4 band EQ and an Alan Smart compressor. I can build Snythpads and synth leads for you.

Competitive Rates 

Help you get the correct loudness levels for uploads to Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Apple Podcast, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Netfilx,
I must have the multi-track to mix and master. My price is $100 per song.
I need the multi-track to check for and remove your sibilance, flat notes, sharp notes, and noises - track by track

  • background noises
  • hums
  • distortion
  • clicks
  • pops
  • plosives
  • crackles
  • debleeds
  • guitar squeaks
  • deverb
  • tuning
  • track alignment
  • dialogue editing
  • audio and video editing

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Please, I cannot be rushed. The more creative an engineer/producer is, also, the more software the engineer / producer has, the more FX he can put on your song. Therefore, to finish your project that can take me a LONG time.