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Stainless Steele

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 128 Instruments for $44.50!

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Let's collaborate: Let's build you a synth
VST tele-audio or let's record together

All you need is an audio interface

Remote audio/MIDI recording software
Communicates with the free VST Connect Performer application installed on the performer’s computer
Capture up to 16 channels of audio at up to 192kHz directly to your DAW
Enables you and Stainless Steele Audio Mixing and Mastering to work together to see each other and to speak to one another 
Provides remote command over the cue mix and talkback level at both ends of the connection
Also allows you to receive MIDI data
Encrypted for maximum security

Make great-sounding music
(909) 800-2567


(909) 800-2567

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